What Is A Testable Backflow Device?

Testable backflow devices are valves and air gaps fitted to a water supply with a low to high risk of cross contamination.

Backflow devices are designed to keep our potable water supply safe and remove the risk of contamination. There is legislation around testing and maintaining a backflow device and this is the responsibility of the valve owner to maintain. 

What Is A Form 9?

In Plumbing Queensland terms, a Form 9 is a certified test result form for a backflow device. This form is sent to the local authorities once a valve has been tested.

How Often Does A Registered, Testable Backflow Device Need To Be Tested?

Your registered backflow device will need to be tested every twelve months.


Your local authority will send you a notice in the mail to remind you to have the valve tested on its installation anniversary. There is also a registration fee from the local authority of about $200 per valve that needs to be paid annually to your Council.


Note that this fee excludes testing fees.

What Type Of Testible Devices Are There?

  • RPVD — Reduced pressure zone device
  • DCV — Double check valve
  • PTVB — Pressure type vacuum breaker
  • RBT — Registered break tank
  • RAG — Registered air gap
  • SCV — Single check valve

How Can We Help You With Your Backflow Devices?

We can assist with the following:

Certified Backflow Prevention Testing

We identify if any backflow prevention issues exist and if your valve requires servicing to maintain safety and compliance.

Backflow Prevention Scheduled Testing

We provide you with a routine testing program so you never have to worry about when your device is due for maintenance and testing.

Backflow Prevention Certification

We register your devices and provide the relevant test reports for Council approval. In the instance where a device is replaced or removed, we submit the relevant forms to Council and the QBCC.

What Do We Do For You As A Valued Customer?

As your backflow testing partner, we’ll ensure the following is done to our high standards:

  • Scheduled and guaranteed booking dates for valve tests
  • Form 9s submitted to Council on time every time
  • Detailed report on invoice with photos and line items clarified if repairs are required
  • Guaranteed reminder for follow-up testing every 12 months through our job management software
  • Competitive prices and excellent, 5-star service

Need Your Backflow Devices Tested?