How To Maintain and Repair A Saxon Hot Water System

Saxon hot water systems have been around for many years.

They’re a great though basic design but unfortunately are not available to purchase in Australian anymore as the Australian business fell into receivership in 2013 after many years of successfully providing Aussies with hot water.

We personally got to meet the Brisbane-based founding family back in 2012 before they went into receivership. They were a proud, family-owned business and they fought to the end to keep their business alive.

A truly remarkable family business that was unfortunately lost due to poorly managed government policy changes that forced the business to change direction.

Predominant Exercise System II – Bodybuilding – 2022 buy proviron online usa 20-24 years 30-34 years single adult activity athlete cycle stock photo – alamy.Even though the business doesn’t exist anymore, their hot water systems continue to heat Australian water and they can need repairing like any other system.

Why is my Saxon hot water system not heating?

  • Check your electrical breaker to see if the power for the HWU or HWS is turned on.
  • Check your Saxon hot water system is topped up and not empty. You can follow instructions on the side of the tank to refill the unit.
  • Check that the isolation tap for the hot water system is turned on.
  • Check out our quick troubleshooting guide attachment below.

A series of steps for troubleshooting electric hot water systems.

Can I get Saxon hot water system spare parts?

Saxon hot water systems are basic in design. Some replacement parts required to repair a unit are as follows:

  • Thermostat
  • Electrical element — either 1.8kw, 2.4kw, or 3.6kw depending on the size of the unit
  • HPNR (high pressure non-return valve)

Is your Saxon hot water system leaking from overflow?

  • This could be caused be a failed inner coil or failed HPNR valve.
  • This could mean the tank needs replacing however the unit can still produce hot water. We advise you to turn the hot water tap off when hot water isn’t in it and turn it on when using hot water and off when not in use.
  • eg. Turn it on in the morning, turn it off at night. This will buy time before a plumber attends.

Why does Saxon hot water system gets really hot then cold?

  • This likely means your HWS tank is empty and needs to be topped up.
  • Pull the lever on the side of the tank until the overflow is running.
  • You may need to wait through the 24 hour cycle for the hot water to come back as it will now probably be full of cold water and needs time to heat back up.

Can my leaking Saxon hot water system be fixed?

Nine times out of ten, the answer is no. Unfortunately, the most common issue with a Saxon hot water system is for the inner coil to corrode or split and cause internal flooding of the unit or running out the overflow.

Your water quality and the age of your tank will determine how long your Saxon hot water system may last. Generally speaking, they have a life expectancy of about 10-20 years. Anything older than this is a good, long life.

Are Saxon hot water systems made from copper?

Yes, Saxon heat exchange units are the only brand that were made of a fully copper hot water system. Some units are made from mild steel however any model that is a heat exchange type is made of copper.

Saxon wiring diagram
Saxon HPNR filler valve
Saxon wiring thermostat old type
Saxon wiring thermostat modern
Saxon wiring thermostat new