How To Prepare For Stormwater Season This Summer

With summer fast approaching and a lot of wet weather forecast for the season, it's important to prepare.

Preparing your property for storm season means you’re ready for the unexpected.


Getting ahead of the storm and acting now could be the difference between flooding and not flooding.

As a homeowner, what can I do?

Clean your stormwater pits and grates

Check all your stormwater grates, pits, and surface collection points. These can become easily neglected and forgotten over time. However you’ll want them all working for you when it starts to storm. For the most part, removing the grate lids and the pits, etc. can be done by hand. Just remember to wear appropriate gardening gloves.


Once you have cleared and cleaned out all your pits and surface drains, ensure the surrounding area is free from leaves and debris that could wash into the drains on the first downpours.


Run water down the pits with a garden hose to check for any blockages.

Clean your gutters and downpipes

Ensuring your gutters and downpipes are clean and free from debris is critical, especially if there are large trees in the area. A badly blocked guttering system in heavy rain can cause water to leak through the roof and into the roof space, which then makes it way into the house through the ceiling.


Safely clean and remove all leaves and debris from your gutters, valleys, and downpipe drops.


If safe and possible to do so, run water down the downpipes and check for any blockages.

Cleaning kerb stormwater outlets

Easily forgotten — and sometimes the main culprit of a blocked stormwater system — is a blocked stormwater kerb outlet. This is the outlet hole that you can find at the street on the edge of the road.

Things that tend to block a kerb outlet are buildups of leaves, grass growing over and blocking the outlet, and cars parked over the outlet. 

Handy tip: run water from a hose down an upstream stormwater outlet and inspect the flow at your kerb outlet. This will give you a rough indication of how well your stormwater system is flowing.

How can Pasfield Plumbing help?

Stormwater drain hydro jet clearing

As part of clearing blocked stormwater drains, we offer high pressure hydro jet drain cleaning as a service. This is one of the best solutions for clearing and cleaning blocked stormwater drains.


Our commercially graded Class B 5,000psi hydro drain cleaner cuts away at tree roots, leaves, and debris while blasting it out of your drains to leave the drain clear and clean and ready for storm season.


We have a variety of different drain cleaning attachments and heads that are suited for different applications and blockage types. We’re experienced stormwater drain clears and always strive to offer sound results and advice.

Stormwater pipe camera inspections

If required, we can perform a drain camera inspection with our commercial grade camera and locator. Our unit uses a fibre optic cable with a colour digital display to inspect the drainage system for your house.


With the use of our pipe locator, we can accurately find your drains and give an accurate depth reading. This advanced technology means that, as our customers, we can reduce the price you pay for repairs and guesswork should you need to dig to repair your broken stormwater pipes.

Stormwater pipe repairs

If your stormwater system has a problem that requires repairs, rest assured that Pasfield Plumbing have the knowledge and experience to offer sound repairs and advice on fixing any type of stormwater system.

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