A Pasfield plumber converting LPG to NG.

Do You Need A Gas Fitter?

At Pasfield Plumbing we're licensed and professional gas fitters.

This means we offer a wide range of plumbing and gas fitting services for domestic and commercial applications.

We are trained and certified to assist with your gas fitting needs.


Gas fitting alterations and extensions

Do you need to relocate, extend, or install a new or existing gas system? We can assist.

  • New gas system installation and certification
  • Relocation of existing gas systems, pipework, appliances, and outlets
  • Relocation of gas appliances
  • Relocation of gas pipework and regulators

Gas cooker installation and repairs

If you’re in need of gas cooker repair, installation, or replacement we can assist. Our gas cooker services include:

  • Gas cooker installation
  • Converting gas cookers from NG to LPG
  • Installation of gas cooktops
  • Service and repairs to gas cookers and cooktops
  • Converting electric cooktops to gas cooktops
  • Disconnection and reconnection of gas cookers
  • Custom plate fabrication for cooktop replacement — hole too large? No problem.

Gas hot water service and repairs

We’re trained and experienced in servicing, repairing, and installing gas hot water systems.

  • Gas storage hot water system repairs and maintenance
  • Gas storage hot water system installation and replacement
  • Gas instantaneous hot water system repairs and maintenance
  • Gas instantaneous hot water system installation and replacements
  • Gas hot water system relocation
  • Converting electric hot water systems to gas

Gas compliance certificates

We’re licensed to issue gas compliance certificates for your gas system. You may require a gas compliance certificate when one of the following occurs:

  • An existing gas system has been altered
  • An existing gas system has been issued a defect notice and needs to be repaired/recertified
  • A new gas system is installed
  • A new gas appliance or hot water system is installed
  • Your energy supplier requests a compliance certificate to supply gas to your property

Need a gas fitter?

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