How We Can Assist With Commercial Leaks

We are equipped and ready to assist you with your commercial leak.

Did you know we also offer a 24/7 leak detection service for Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast, and surrounding suburbs. We’ve assisted many businesses with their urgent and time sensitive leak detection and repairs.


We understand shutting down a water service and a section of your property can be a major operation.


Preparation is key in these circumstances. Having the right equipment and knowledge on hand will ensure a smooth operation and a job well executed with minimal stress.

We use state of the art and industry-leading equipment.

Our equipment and methods are state-of-the-art and make leak detection quicker, less invasive, and more accurate.


Some of the equipment we use for commercial leak detection are below:

Aquaphon A200 Acoustic Water Leak Detector


The best leak detection equipment on the market, the Aquaphon A200 makes leak detection more accurate and saves time.


With clear readings one even very small leaks, this equipment can cancel out background noises and focuses on the actual source of leakage making it much easier to detect and pinpoint hidden leaks.

Thumper - Pulse Wave Generator


The Little Thumpa has been developed and built in Australia.


It generates a pulse or a noise in the water pipe which can be easily picked up with the use of an acoustic listening device. This rhythm can be detected at depths up to, and in some cases over, 1m and for more than 100m in length depending on the soil type.


It is suitable for domestic pipes up to 50mm in diameter although it has been used on larger pipes with some success. The water flow through the device is minimal but enough to generate a loud thump.

Global Leak Solutions AR100

Designed and manufactured in Australia by Global Leak Solutions, this inovate and patented product is designed to assist in finding water leaks faster and more efficiently. 

Global Leak Solutions AR100

Vivax Metrotech VScan

Power and telecommunication locating:

With our VScan tool, we can check for active power and telecommunication services in the area of a leak or proposed excavation and give a depth reading as well as a location. 


This is particularly useful when committing to cutting and digging an area under bitumen or concrete as it can save on expensive repairs to power and telecommunications services.

Line tracing:

Our equipment can be set up and used to locate the depth and exact location of a water service.


We achieve this by setting up our pulsing equipment with our line tracer inside the water service. This slides through the pipework, with a range up to 50 metres away from the entry point, and sends a unique signal back to the VScan that can be tracked and recorded when locating a water service.

Vivax Metrotech VScan line and service locator.

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With our assistance, you can enjoy the benefits of this technology and solve your most pressing plumbing problems.


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