Top Three Things That Block Stormwater Drains

Top Three Things That Block Stormwater Drains

When a stormwater system is first brought to our attention, we first offer our drain cleaning exercise with our high pressure drain cleaning equipment.


Our SprintJett equipment can deliver up to 5,000 psi of pressure with up to 22L/m. With our specialised nozzle attachments, we can cut through whatevers stuck in your stormwater drain.

It's storm season and your stormwater drain is blocked. But what it is that's gotten stuck?

1. Tree Roots

Tree roots have a habit of growing in pipes. Any time there’s a fracture or break in the pipe or fitting underground is an opportunity for tree roots to grow into a stormwater drain and cause blockages.


Clearing a blocked drain will not fix the fracture or break. Drain clearing can only clear blockages and allow water to pass through.


Once tree roots have penetrated a stormwater drain it can cause the following:


  1. Reduction in flow to the stormwater system, resulting in drains backing up in the rain. 
  2. More frequent blockages.
  3. Unsalvageable drains that need to be dug up and repaired if a blockage cannot be cleared successfully. 

2. Poorly Constructed Drains

It’s unfortunate to say but many stormwater drainage systems throughout south east Queensland are not built to an adequate standard to cater to a decent amount of rain. Sometimes, the materials used, methods applied, and lack of attention to detail is what will cause a stormwater system to fail.


Below are some common faults that we face:


  1. Storm flex pipework and 90mm stormwater pipes: Thin-walled and flexible pipes squash over time from ground movement and traffic, which means your drains block.
  2. Lack of correct fall and back fall: This may result in sediment settling in drains to cause blockages.
  3. Sharp bends and change of direction: 90mm stormwater bends do not have the same continuity of flow compared to the more durable 100mm+ DWV drains. 90mm fittings do not promote good flow in heavy downpours and may result in backed up drains due to overwhelming stormwater flow.

3. Objects and Debris That Have Entered The Drains

Stormwater drains may collect a lot of debris and other objects over the period of the year that may cause an obstruction of flow. It’s not until our wet season hits that it becomes apparent the system might have an issue. 


Below are some reasons a drain might block from such conditions:


  1. Children’s toys, balls, etc. entering the drains.
  2. Rodents, lizards, and frogs stuck in the drains.
  3. Leaf and debris build ups from the seasons changing and leaves falling.

This storm season, don't hesitate if you notice a blocked drain.

We can also come and clear your drains pre-emptively if you think you might have a problem.


Call us now to arrange stormwater drain blockage clearing.

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