A Pasfield Plumber clearing blocked drains with a jetter and drain camera

Clear Your Blocked Drains With a Jetter and Drain Camera

Why use a drain camera and jetter combination when clearing blocked drains?

The real advantage of using a jetter and drain camera combination over an eel or other methods is that we can inspect the drain while clearing the blockage. 


Often, if there are multiple blockages or semi-blockages simply clearing the drain without visual inspection could mean we’ll be back pretty soon to clear the blocked drains again.

Is using a camera and jetter expensive? How can I save money?

When clearing blockages, the best way to save money is to do it right the first time.


Tree roots, for example, will grow back over time however when we clear them properly we can reduce the amount of time until the tree roots grow back. In some instances, we can give drains another 12 months before they need to be cleared again which saves money over time and ensures the best possible result when clearing drains with the camera and jetter combination.

Why do tree roots grow in drains?

There are multiple reasons tree roots grow into drains.


Often this is caused by pipes cracking under pressure or duress from ground movement, retaining walls moving in with pipes too close to foundations, subsidence of ground, highly reactive ground conditions, large trees growing close by, etc.

Can I clear tree roots myself?

Often, tree roots are deep underground and unless you know the exact location of the issue, locating the roots to perform repairs can be almost impossible. 


As part of our service, we offer the use of our high quality drain locator. This equipment can accurately locate drains deeper than 2m and within millimetres of the problem.


A common DIY solution is to use copper sulfate down the drains but this is not a guaranteed solution though it may buy you time.

Will removing trees solve the problem?

Often, removing the tree or trees won’t fix the problem as the pipe is already damaged. 


As tree roots can find their way into broken drains from up to 10m away, depending on the tree size and type, removing the trees might help but it won’t fix the problem.

We offer reporting and quotes to repair the damaged pipes with our premium drain cleaning deal.

Premium drain clean combo deal — 20% off

  • SprintJett Outlaw Class B Jetter 5000 PSI 22L/MIN
  • Vivax Metrotech Drain Camera Inspection and locate
  • Basic head range (Jetter)
  • Warthog Root Cutter head (special tool)

This package saves 20% off RRP and is the best value. With the use of the jetter, Warthog head, and drain camera inspection, this gives you the best possible service and peace of mind for your blocked and problematic drains.


  • Includes up to 2 hours labour
  • Only for use in >100mm SW or DWV services
  • Drain camera inspection photos provided
  • Document depths and location of blockages provided
  • Quote included for repairs provided
  • $559 inc. GST*

Call us to claim the premium drain clean combo deal.