Why You Should Replace Your Galvanised Iron Water Service

Do you have a galvanised iron water service to your property?

Having a galvanised water service on your property can be a concern and potentially a liability if it were to burst or leak suddenly.

You might also notice the taste and colour of water passing through your galvanised pipes is not as clean compared to a poly or copper water service.

What is a galvanised water service?

Commonly referred to as a ‘GAL water service’, it means the pipework is made from metal, which has a tendency to corrode over time when in contact with water and air.


It was commonly used through the early to mid 20th-century for residential and commercial properties as approved pipework for many services like water, waste, and gas.


Galvanised steel pipework for the use of potable water has now been removed from Australian standards. Alternative modern materials include copper, brass, stainless steel, and poly/PVC plastic pipes.

How can I tell if I have a galvanised water service?

The characteristics of a GAL water line can be easily identified by noting the following:

  • Pipes are metallic silver in colouring
  • Pipes can appear to be rusty and brown when buried underground
  • Pipes are heavy in weight and have a thick wall
  • Joints are connected to the pipe from male to female thread

Older homes built before 1975 are more likely to have a galvanised water service.

What are the disadvantages of a galvanised iron water service?

Unfortunately there are more disadvantages than advantages when it comes to having galvanised metal pipework on a potable water supply.


Some issues you can experience are:

  • Poor waste taste
  • Brown coloured water from taps and fixtures
  • Easy blockages in fixtures and appliances
  • Poor water pressure
  • Leaks

What are the benefits of removing a galvanised iron water service?

Some of the benefits of replacing a galvanised metal water service with approved materials like copper or poly plastic include:

  • Cleaner drinking water
  • Improved water pressure and flow
  • Less likelihood of water leaks
  • Appliances and fixtures last longer and do not void warranty
  • Can be repaired in future
  • Can be added to for extensions or renovations

Can I repair a galvanised iron water service?

There are repair joiners and sleeves available for repairing GAL water services, however often this cannot be a guaranteed repair.


We’ve found that by the time galvanised metal pipework is leaking it is too badly gone and no repair fitting available can fix the issue.


Often we find these sudden bursts or leaks happen in the most inconvenient of times, resulting in after hours callouts and expensive bills.

What is the cost of removing a galvanised iron water service?

The cost to replace a GAL water service is dictated by the time and materials required to get the job done. This means the size of your home or building will decide the quoted amount.


That said, having clean and reliable water…