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Backflow Prevention Device Testing

Backflow prevention devices are designed to prevent cross contamination between potable and non-potable water services. Keeping our drinking water safe is absolutely crucial to our community and is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

Backflow prevention services include:

  • Backflow Prevention Testing – We can identify if any backflow prevention issues exist and what remedies are available through backflow testing.

  • Backflow Prevention Scheduled Testing –  We can provide you with a routine testing program so you never have to worry about when your device is due for maintenance and testing. 

  • Backflow Prevention Certification – We can register your devices and provide the relevant test reports for City Council approval. Also, in the instance where a device is removed or replaced we can submit the relevant forms to council and the QBCC.

Backflow only occurs when the water main is at a lower pressure than your plumbing system such as in the event of a burst or ruptured water main in your area or if the main is tapped temporarily. That means faulty systems can go years without detection unless a backflow prevention testing program is in place.
As a result, every connection to our drinking water supply must have a backflow prevention device installed to stop any contamination occurring.


We are based in Beenleigh Logan, servicing South Brisbane to North Gold Coast and here to help and provide maintenance and certification so let us look after your backflow prevention device testing needs!

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